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Monday, October 29, 2007

How to change a text using javascript

Are you a JavaScript newbie? Do you need to change the code contained within an HTML element?

The solution is very simple. We have to use the javascript method:


...that get an element property (for example, value, style, ecc...) by the element ID (for example <div id="myLayer">) and:

.innerHTML="a piece of html code";

... that rewrite the layer content with the HTML code specified. A typical syntax is:

document.getElementById('myLayer').innerHTML ='<strong>Hello World!</strong>';

This code (you have to add it inside a javascript function to work!), change the content of an html element with ID "myLayer" (for example a DIV, H1, H2, SPAN, A...), with <strong>Hello World!>

Download this tutorial

Example 1: A simple text change javascript function

<script language="javascript">
function changeTextSimple(idElement){
document.getElementById.('element'+idElement).innerHTML ='<strong>Hello World</strong>';

Example 2: change the text of a <li> element inside an <ul> element
changeText() is a simple function that change the content of a <li> element:

<script language="javascript">
function changeText(idElement){
document.getElementById('element'+idElement).innerHTML ='<a href="">Google</a>';
} else if(idElement==2){
document.getElementById('element'+idElement).innerHTML ='<a href="">Woork</a>';

<li id="element1">Google</li>
<li id="element2">Woork</li>
<a href="#" onClick="javascript:changeText(1)">Change Google into a link</a><br/>
<a href="#" onClick="javascript:changeText(2)">Change Woork into a link</a><br/>

Frequent Errors
When you pass a variable to a Javascript function from an HTML page remember this:

If the parameter is a number the syntax is:
<a href="#" onClick="javascript:changeText(1)">change</a>

else if the parameter is a string the syntax is:
<a href="#" onClick="javascript:changeText('element1')">change</a>

With quote (') around the element name.

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