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Friday, March 14, 2008

Creating professional looking CSS menus for your website with is a free on-line web 2.0 application with an impressive Ajax interface which helps you to design quickly professional looking CSS menus for your websites.

You can select a lot of options to customize how you prefer your menu, such as the menu type (Vertical or Horizontal), menu font, width, heigh, background (color or image), border, padding and margin. Add or remove links from your menu is very simple and immediate and don't require HTML/CSS programming knowledge. You can also manage links state (hover) and apply a style which cange for example the background and text color for each menu item when this is selected.

From Menu Styles option you can choose a lot of pre-build menus, useful to get inspiration for your menu or to reuse directly only customizing the menu items with the item you need. If need for a submenu of the main menu you can add it in a very simple way choosing the look you prefer or the same look of the main menu.

From Sliding Doors option, you can generate just with a mouse click liquid rounded border menu items, simply selecting two images for the left and right border. When your menu is ready, you can download the code and use it on your web project. You can also save all menus you create, share them with the community and browse all menus created from the other users.

For more infos take a look at this site:

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Nitos said...

wow thanks!

vike said...

Thanks a lot!
I treasure this blog :)

Michael C. Kennedy said...

Did you know that your posts are being stolen by SpotGnome? Your content is being stripped of your name, and posted on their site as your own. Here's your post on their site, with their copyright.

I'm writing to you because this is happening to me as well, and I don't like one little bit. See the comments at the end of my stolen post:,guid,c672cf17-39dd-4abd-a263-6f0c78537daf.aspx#commentstart

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