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Sunday, December 21, 2008

5 Awesome free PHP web hosting services

In this post I want to suggest you five interesting free web hosting services (totally Ad-Free) which offer a lot of advanced features such as FTP access, PHP and MySql support, custom domain and free subdomains.

Take a look at these services and if you want to suggest another one please add a comment.

1. 000WebHost
000WebHost provides one of the most reliable and feature-rich web hosting service without advertising. All accounts come with 500 MB disk space, 100 GB data transfer and PHP and MySql database support.

Main service features
Here is detailed list of what hosting service supports:

- 500 MB Disk Space
- 100 GB Data Transfer
- PHP with MySQL Database Support
- Instant Activation
- FTP Support
- 99.9% Uptime
- No Advertisements


2. Zymic offers one of the most reliable and feature packed free web hosting services on the net. Service include PHP/MySQL, free domain names, Ad-free hosting and an overly generous disk and transfer allowance.

Main service features
Here is detailed list of what hosting service supports:

- 5 GB
- 50 GB Data Transfer
- PHP 5 Support, 5 mySQL databases
- FTP access
- 99.9% Uptime
- No Advertisements


3. 110MB Hosting
110MB Hosting is another Ad-free web hosting service which offers a lot of interesting features for your websites such as PHP and MySql support:

Main service features
Here is detailed list of what hosting service supports:
- 5 GB Space
- PHP 5 and MySql Support
- FTP (chmod enabled)
- Your Own Domain Hosting
- Free subdomain (
- 99.9% Uptime
- No Advertisements

110MB Hosting

4. Sitesfree
Sitesfree is another good free hosting services which offers some interesting basic features to host your website for free (included PHP and MySql support).

Main service features
Here is detailed list of what hosting service supports:

- 500Mb
- 7 GB Data Transfer
- PHP 5 Support, 5 mySQL databases
- Free sub domain (
- Ability to host your own domains
- FTP access
- 99.9% Uptime
- No Advertisements


5. Your Free Hosting is a new and fast provider of free web hosting. All accounts come with a easy to use control panel that makes it very simple to manage your web site and files. Your free account comes with PHP, 5 MySQL databases, 5GB of disk space & 50GB of bandwidth and more. You have the choice of using your own domain name if you wish or you can choose a free subdomains.

Main service features
Here is detailed list of what hosting service supports:

- 5GB Disk Space
- 50GB Bandwidth
- PHP 4 Support, 5 mySQL databases
- Instant activation
- Domain Name Support
- Custom subdomain:
- File Manager
- 24/7 Technical Support
- Full FTP Access
- 99.9% Uptime
- No Advertisements

Your Free Hosting

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this list. I was looking for something like this.

Naeem said...

great list, but i prefer its the best.

Miryam said... is also a good one

Nunzio said...

Grande articolo, complimenti!

Excellent work!

Mohamed Hamza said...

actually very awesome list I guess I'll use one , thanks very much :)

Sebastian said...

Are they really free? Have you tried it? It's nearly unbelievable. More features than paid hosting for FREE?!

Abhisek said...

Excellent work! thanks.

Rizwan said...


Nice list, didn't know many of these, I usually prefer using They are ad free and very good. They also run x10host.

I have around 5 sites hosted with them for the past two years and have not run into any kinda problems. You guys shud check it out once :)

Jhangora said...

Cool. Thanx a lot for the wonderful post Woork.

Ben T said...

Thankyou so much for this list. I wish I had this a few months ago.

I didnt think good, reliable free hosting still existed.

Mark Gadsby said...

I'd second the recommendation for 000WebHost. I've been using them for my (not yet complete) Google Maps Mashup. The tools provided are very good, and support has been very responsive.

Tobi said...

I would also recomend
I have used it with Drupal and it worked great.

runiteking1 said...

Thank You for this list! Just what I was looking for.

Louise Rasho said...

Just wanted to offer up another free web hosting option -- Microsoft Office Live Small Business. Provides free web hosting whether you redirect or register a custom domain name. If you register your domain with Office Live Small Business the first year is free and it's only $14.95 per year after that (includes private registration). And you get 100 email accounts with that as well. Check it out!

Phoenix2life said...

Nice list of free php web hosting services. I am using and happy with it.

Also the comments has good mentions of other free web hosting services.

Cool. Thanks to share.


Anonymous said...

Very nice list but how do they make money? Why would they offer all this for nothing?

Uimar said...

I think is the best especially for wordpress.installing wordpress is very very easy with their script installer.

Eneza said...

Nice List, but ZYMIC is not quite a good choice, they were often OFFLINE.

Brenda Smith said...

"Send visitors to our website and for each registration we will pay you $5!"

And they charge us zero? What is that? Money laundry?

Anonymous said...

It's awesome. I scrapped your post.

Cornelius said...

Just switched over to 000webhost. Not bad, although you should avoid these guys if your PHP scripts use the server variable:


The variable is not and cannot be set to your actual document root. Apparently their sys admins are retards.

noones said...

very useful, but if you still doesn't find free hosting try free web hosting directory and finder: 0hosting


Anonymous said...

Nice list of free php web hosting services. I am using and happy with it.
Thanks for the Information
plz see my blog RKM Blogging

Asad Abbas said...

thanks alot for the wonderful list ... It helped :)

Web Design said...

What a great blog, interesting topics! I love reading this material.

chaitanya.gk said...

Thanks...0fees is also a good one..check it out!! said... FREE Hosting.


Anonymous said...

I host with and Both of them have good support and offer a lot of disk space. So I can recommend both.

Marcelo said...

Thank you for the list.
I use a paid hosting ( for my sites and when I saw your list I started the registration in all 5 services plus 1 of the commented ones. Let me give you a feedback:
- was by far the easiest to register but its Fantastico installer isn't working. BTW, it's offering 1.5Gb space. Sub-domain of was created
- has a two steps registration but nothing annoying in the process. It only lacks a script installer like Fantastico. BTW, it's offering 6Gb space. Sub-domain of was created
- blocked my registration because I'm Brazilian.
- was evaluated very badly in the WOT (Web of Trust) so I stopped the process in the middle.
-'s TOS let me scarred with the saying "110mb reserves legal rights to impose fines onto you up to US$10,000"
- offers only 500mb space and it isn't rated by WOT.

Anonymous said... will not display webpages (only directories) doesn't display what's wrong with formula at signup, impossible to signup. already got it, but only cUrls works and I need to test socket_connect.

Tried 20-30 other hosts, that just doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

I Really Like Zymic
And Theres This Really Good One Thats Fair New (Just Opened)
use should take a look, Its No ads And What Not 250 MB Disc Space,
And They R Looking For Mods And Stuff For There Support Forums
But Anyways
Great Listt!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the deals at

Anonymous said...


good web hosting

Anonymous said...

which one can host joomla.

i tried zymic but it can'y

baby-bride said...

It's a nice lis, I'm a newbie on wordpress and look to for some free host to try.


Anonymous said...

Zymic is just good when you register on their service but after 3-4 months later, the service on your account becomes extremely suck and very disappointed. OK, here is my case. I registered an account. On this account, I created 4 sub-domains at different time-frame just to test the service. Now, I can't login any above acount and even by luck I did, I can't not create database or user-account for that database. This is my real case. Look carefully before you register!

chillopy said...

This is 100% the most reliable.
Sugar Sweet Hosting ------> 1500 Gigs of Space~ 5.95/mnt*

Freehosting said...

000webhost is one of the best freehosting!

Good work!

InkAPoint said...

Hei. Also include FreeHostia.Com.
It's superb..

Evan said...

I prefer to use hostgator, unlimited everything (subdomains,email addresses, databases, etc) one click back up service, 99.9% uptime, just a great service for under 10/month.

Check it out

free hosting said...

great list... thanks for sharing

mfwh said...

Dont forget to add to the list

Encyclopedia said...

your blog is very useful. I have a blog on PHP called PHP Coach .Please visit the same and let me know your opinions

HostMyBlog said...

The list is very helpful.Still, I prefer using as a host fot blogs Blogger or Wordpress, they are easier and perfectly accessible.

Hosting that Pays said...

I went searching for a free web host and I actually found very reliable hosting at an extremely competitive rate. The best part is they offer compensation, this way I don't have to come out of pocket too much for the products that I need. I actually come out on top every month which in my opinion is 50x better than free.

Qube said...

I had really a very bad experience with 000webhost FTP synchronize times out. Very slow page load.

Joeseph said...

I've been with gofreeserve for 12 months and found them reliable but for me the support when I have needed it has been great. I would like more features but hey, I got no moey!

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