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Saturday, January 31, 2009

10 High resolution relaxing wallpapers for your desktop

Are you looking for beautiful high resolution wallpapers for your desktop? Take a look at this collection of my preferred relaxing wallpapers from is a great resource to find high resolutions wallpapers, themes and icons.

1. The Salt Desert "Salar The Uyun" in Bolivia
By Joel Antunes

Description: "This is a beautiful picture taken by NIR, a good friend of mine. I made some edits on it to make it perfect. It looks like is a lake but isn't!"
Download this wallpaper

2. All That Is Left
By BEPhotographic

Description: "All that is left of the mighty Hamelin Bay jetty."
Download this wallpaper

3. First of May
By panemoy

Description: "One of my favorite photos, game of shadows and light. Vojvodina, Serbia..."
Download this wallpaper

4. Panoptic

Description: "I took this before rushing off to school one morning. I almost (almost!) skipped class to keep shooting, but I got what I was looking for so I suppose there wasn't any point. Nikon D300 and AF-S 18-200 VR."
Download this wallpaper

5. Smooth Evening
By Joel Antunes

Description: "This was taken after sunset. The blue cool color after the sunset was amazing and the clouds were moving quite fast, time to get a shot! I composed, breaking the rules! I targeted this "pier" which i guess is used by the fisherman at night."
Download this wallpaper

6. Durdle Door, Jurassic Icon, Dorset
By Joel Antunes

Description: "This is my favorite landscape at the moment, and I'm exclusively sharing it with you, Enjoy."
Download this wallpaper

7. Anse Source d'Agent
By Amecke

Description: "Seychelles."
Download this wallpaper

8. Auckland Harbour Bridge
By Chris Gin

Description: "Auckland Harbour Bridge at night."
Download this wallpaper

9. Chicago Skyline
By benisntfunny

Description: "The Chicago Skyline from North Avenue Beach."
Download this wallpaper

10. El Capitan
By matt mosher

Description: "Words really can't describe. You just have to go there."
Download this wallpaper

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demirkafa said...

Very nice woork :) thanks

ZENGIN Emre said...

extraordinary job,thanks these breathtaking pics.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Beautiful list of wallpapers!

fatheads said...

Lovely stuff!

Garciat said...

Great collection.

It's "Salar de Uyuni", by the way. I've been there :)

chuck said...

Do you have any good grey/neutral color backgrounds?

joyoge designers' bookmark said...

nice wallpapers thanks..

tips dan trik blogger said...

cool wallpaper!

Omar said...

Hey. You're professional.
Thanks dude for the amazing wallpapers.
I've download all of them.

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