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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 Stunning websites to inspire your webdesign style in 2009

If you are looking for new ideas for the design of your next web project, follow the suggestions of my friend Greg from Submit CSS that this week proposes a collection of 10 stunning websites which can help you to find the right inspiration!

1. Carbonica (
Carbonica helps you combat climate change by reducing your carbon footprint.

2. Matt (
The Carsonified team built Matt to see if it was possible to launch a simple web app in four days - everything from design, to development to marketing.

3. Satsu Design (
Satsu is a multi-disciplinary design agency based offshore on the Isle of Man.

4. Sawyer Hollenshead (
Here you can find all of his most recent work, which includes web design and photography.

5. We Are Not Freelancers (
All things web design through the eyes of David and Marc Perel.

6. BootB (
BootB is an online way to find the best marketing concepts and strategies, graphic design solutions or ideas for advertising campaigns by addressing the unlimited number of creative talents from all over the Planet.

7. Pointless Ramblings (
Pointless Ramblings is run by Nick Barrett who works as a freelance web design/developer and is also a student.

8. Mel Kadel (
The online professional portfolio of Mel Kadel.

9. Edgepoint Church (
EdgePoint Church presents themself as an "awesomely different" kind of church in Powell, Tennessee.

10. Jason Julien (
Jason Julien is an award winning web designer and interactive creative director who has worked for "small businesses and big businesses and the middlemen in between."

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sp2kxn said...

thanks mate !

Jennifer Farley said...

Nice list, thanks. I think the hand-drawn style looks like it is the big replacement for the shiny, reflective web 2.0 style of yesteryear. I actually love the hand-drawn look but it might become boring after a while, do you think?

isal said...

thanks man..

that add more inspiration to me.

Sawyer said...

Thanks for including my site in your list.

ChiangMaiWebDesign said...

very nice job, thx.

John milton said...

Nice list..

They are like references for my own design ..


Athena Emily said...

Nice list! thanks a lot!

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