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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

16 Outstanding free Dreamweaver extensions

This post includes a nice collection of 16 outstanding free Dreamweaver extensions, such as jQuery and Prototype API extension, PayPal, Skype and Google tools extensions. Take a look!

Atomz Search Engine
Atomz Search Engine extension provides you to install Atomz Search in your website pages. is a hosted application and is delivered completely over the Internet to make a powerfull search engine on your website. You can customize your site search index containing up to 10,000 web pages or .PDF documents in over 30 languages.

jQuery API extension
If you are a jQuery user you really need jQuery API extension for Dreamweaver. It reduces tons of typing and provides code coloring, snippets, and code hints that list every jQuery and jQuery UI function for you.

Communication Toolkit for Skype
Communication Toolkit for Skype provides a great way for businesses, large and small, to quickly and easily integrate Skype’s affordable communications into their web experiences.

MovableType HTML Editor
MovableType HTML Editor helps you to build MovableType sites in your HTML editor faster and more efficiently.

Lookup and embed your YouTube videos quickly and easy all directly from within Dreamweaver with YouTubizer.

Adobe AIR Extension
The Adobe AIR extension for Dreamweaver will allow you to package and preview AIR application files directly within Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 or Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, so you can leverage your existing web development skills to build rich Internet applications on the desktop.

Tools for Google
Dreamweaver Tools for Google enhances your websites with advanced Google innovations and no coding. You can set up a site-specific Google Search, show the way with a Google Map, roll in any of the six new cell phone tools for Google Mobile, or sell your goods for less with Google Checkout.

Adobe Kuler Extension
Adobe Kuler is a popular web-hosted application for generating color themes that can inspire any project. This extension allows you to easily access Adobe Kuler color palettes directly from Dreamweaver.

DotNetNuke SkinObjects
This Dreamweaver extension makes DotNetNuke skinning really fast and easy. How many times you have run to the skinning documentation to find the right attribute for a skin object you needed? Now you have all skin objects and their attributes on hand.

Wordpress Dreamweaver Extension
TAGStention is a Dreamweaver extension which you can use for inserting WordPress template tags into your theme files. If a tag has parameters, you’ll be asked to fill in a wizard.

RubyWeaver is an IDE for Ruby and Rails in Dreamweaver. This extension originally came from Rob Cameron of

Style Switcher
Style Switcher is a funny extension which changes the CSS according to the time of day.

Joomla! Template Builder
Are you dying to get your hands dirty creating templates for Joomla! 1.5 and wanna speed things up? Joomla! Template Builder allows you to rapidly build Joomla! templates and we all know that time is money.

Prototype API Extension
Prototype API extension for Dreamweaver is similar to jQueri API extension and provides you to save your time developing application with this framework. Prototype API extension provides code coloring, snippets, and code hints that list every Prototype function for you.

PayPal eCommerce Toolkit
PayPal eCommerce Toolkit for Dreamweaver is the quickest and easiest way to add eCommerce to your business web site. Easily create payment buttons and basic shopping cart functionality for your web site.

Drupal API extension for Dreamweaver
Drupal API extension reduces tons of typing and gets rid of the plain text look when editing Drupal files in Dreamweaver. If you are into Drupal and use, or want to use, Dreamweaver then you really need this extension.

If you want suggest some FREE interesting extensions please add a comment, thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting list. Thanks .)

Joe Hana said...

very nice list, but the wordpress plugin seems to me a bit old. A newer version is available at It quite does the same but work as well with CS3.

Thanks for sharing

Permana Jayanta said...

grreat article .. exactly what i'm looking for ..

Dave Buchholz said...

Tom Muck's Free Extensions are worth mentioning:
Simulated Nested Repeat Region
Horizontal Looper Repeat Region

Dineshviswanath said...

Really excited to read ... Thanks for your Post. I can make use of everything.. I'm sure i can build fantastic site

nightS said...

Thank you.

Philippe said...

Thank you so much Mister Woork !

Tevarra9 said...

Thanks for a great list! digg'd

weblizzer said...

greate extensions i never thought that there are extensions for dreamweaver which are very useful. By the way don't they have a mootools api extension as well?

Alain-Christian said...

Not a fan of WYSIWYG. The WYG part is usally bloated. I edit my pages in a text editor.

navis said...

Thanks for listing these a couple here that should be real useful.

suzhi said...

Excellent list. Thanks for it. Digged it and will save it for later. Yout Blog is as always a great Ressource.

Brenelz said...

I didn't even know these kind of extensions for Dreamweaver existed.


Dooza said...

RE: Not a fan of WYSIWYG. The WYG part is usally bloated. I edit my pages in a text editor.

Dreamweaver isn't WYSIWYG, I don't believe any html editor can be due to the nature of the medium. Dreamweaver will create bloated code if you don't know how to code HTML and CSS. Dreamweaver allows a decent coder to be more efficient, and more productive.

I think there will always be die hard coders against Dreamweaver, I say give it a go for a month, see if it can speed your daily tasks up.

Dave Buchholz said...

Well said Dooza

Porky said...

Very handy. Thanks.

Chris Charlton said...

I'm happy to see people enjoy the jQuery, Prototype, and Drupal API extensions. I am working out a CS3 and CS4 release for them, so stay tuned.

Rahul said...

A very powerful post indeed. Thanks for sharing this.

Rahul said...

I just download the jquery plugin for dreamweaver. thanks man.

ShiviRocks said...

an extension for shockwave files would be much appreciated

Snowflake said...

Thank u so much for the incredible list...and for everything rock

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