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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

10 Beautiful and free fonts for web designers

Are you looking for new interesting fonts to make inspiration for your new website or design project? Take a look at this list with some beautiful free fonts you can download and use on your creative projects.

1. Take out the garbage
Take out the garbage is a very nice font designed by Kirk Shelton. You can use it for free for personal, non profit use. For commercial licensing, please contact the author:

2. Vegur
Vegur is a clean font set similar to Helvetica family, designed by dotcolon:

3. VTKS Animal 2
VTKS Animal 2 is a brush-style upper case only font set created by Douglas Vitkauskas. Useful to design headers with a big font-size:

4. Nevis
Nevis, this strong, angular typeface is ideal for headings. It features 96 of the most commonly used glyphs:

5. Bedini
Bedini is an elegant font similar to Bodoni. Useful to design typographic-style websites:

6. Pappo's Blues
Pappo's Blues is an original font set very useful to enrich your design with handwritten style graphic elements:

7. 309
309 is another nice upper case only font set useful to design bold headers:

8. Philosopher
Philosopher is a beauty and elegant font maked with Erico Lebedenco:

9. 2 Peas Goofball
2 Peas Goofball is a funny and tiny font designed by Lorenzo Simo:

10. Diego
Diego is another interesting handwritten font:

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Deluxe Templates said...

Nice fonts, Thx for your post. You Rock

alex4d said...

A majority of these fonts look good, thanks for blogging about them.

However I don't think 'having serifs' is enough to say a font looks like Times - Bodoni was designed 130 years before Times New Roman. On the other hand, if you think they look similar, then they do look similar to you(!)

Looking forward to future lists.

N A Z M I E S K I said...

Thanks for sharing, Love the Bedini Elegant & Pappo's Blues. I think i'm gonna use the Pappo's Blues font for signature. :)

love the way u design ur blog. simple, clean & Pro.

Nazmie here from Malaysia. Peace... said...

Thanks for sharing these great fonts.

Pixellated said...

Don't just say Bedini is similar to Times because it's a serif font. It's not. Bedini is a pun on the word Bodoni, a similar serif font with hairline serifs.

Anonymous said...

Hi may sound novice but i am unable to install these fonts on my pc - any idea??

aaN said...

nice font bro. I love this site so much. God bless u ^^V

Firdaus said...


Thank You Very Very Much Antonio..

Vectra Bold.. is there anyone have it? :P

Tashfeen Mahmud said...

Wonderful compilation, as always! :)

Font tieng viet said...

Some beautiful fonts here, thank you:)

Ralph said...

There are three oder four nice fonts for me. I will test it for my next webprojects. Ralph

Жерка Лукич said...

Use this fonts. Спасибо!

koowii said...

Nice fonts. This is very interesting and can help my blog to be more interesting to readers. Interesting blog's header can attract readers to and this is good for traffic. ;)

Gustavo Hildt said...

Thanks for adding my font....(Pappo's Blues Font)

the font is based on the disc Pappo's Blues Vol 8 from Argentine band of the same name ....
And is a tribute to "Norberto Anival Napolitano" called "Pappo", Guitarrist and vocalist of some Band of Blues and Rock...

Use it to what you like.

PD: a link:

My font in

Greethings from Argentina...
and Long Live to the Rock and Roll

TeaPea said...

"Take out the garbage' and 'VTKS ANIMAL 2' were really interesting fonts.Your post inspires one to keep reinventing the magic of words and fonts.
One query,Is there any tool to verify the very minute differeences from on font to another(like Bodini and Bedini) or we rely on our eyes totally?
Also i admire 'Pappo's Blues' for its sheer feel of non-tech-savvy era that is magical in its own way.


patzi666 said...

cool, thanks for the fonts... i would like to use them on some presentations i need to make for school... thanks again

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