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Monday, February 9, 2009

File uploaders collection for web developers

After my previous post about Best Image Croppers ready to use for web developers I want to suggest you some interesting resources where you can find useful and free file uploaders ready to use in your web projects.

If you know other interesting resources about this topic please leave a comment!

1. Yahoo! UI Library Uploader
YUI Uploader provides file upload functionality that goes beyond the basic browser-based methods. Specifically, the YUI Uploader allows for multiple file selection in a single "Open File" dialog, file extension filters to facilitate the user's selection, progress tracking for file uploads, faster file upload on broadband connections due to the modified SEND buffer size, same-page server response upon completion of the file upload.

2. jQuery.MultiFile
The Multiple File Upload Plugin (jQuery.MultiFile) is a fantastic non-obstrusive plugin for the jQuery Javascript library that helps users easily select multiple files for upload quickly and easily whilst also providing some basic validation functionality to help developers idenfity simple errors, without having to submit the form.

3. FancyUpload
FancyUpload is a file-input replacement which features an unobtrusive, multiple-file selection menu and queued upload with an animated progress bar. It is easy to setup, is server independent, completely styleable via CSS and XHTML and uses MooTools to work in all modern browsers.

4. Steve Sanderson’s jQuery Ajax uploader
Steve Sanderson release this simple and useful jQuery plugin to upload files to your website. It shows a nice progress bar during the upload and is really simple to customize how you prefer.

5. Mega Upload Progress Bar
Mega Upload is a progress indicator for web based file uploads with PHP, perl and JSP. Originally the project was a solution to the lack of a progress monitor for PHP file upload. Since then it has expanded to include upload monitors for perl and JSP.

6. Free ASP Upload
Free ASP Upload is a free script which lets you create upload forms on your web site. You will be able to do it easily, without having to buy a binary component. This ASP does not require an ASP.NET server.

7. ColdFusion file upload progress
This Coldfusion file uploader is a very simple and useful script to upload files to your websites Coldfusion-based.

8. MooMultiple file upload
MooMultiple FU is another MooTools-based multiple file uplader really simple to implement and reuse on your web projects ().

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JB said...

Thanks, nice list.

erik said...

There is a screencast of a method for file uploads in Ruby on Rails with a progress bar using Prototype and the Apache Passenger module.

Radziu said...

you can add an extjs file uploader

antonio said...

Thanks, es una colección muy util que seguro que utilizaré

Michele said...

Tnx for this post!

Alistair Holt said...

Where are the flash based uploaders like SWFUpload?

bpmildh said...

Another one:

binnyva said...

A tutorial on Ajax file uploads - and the scripts necessary to do it.

Not only will you be able to do file uploads using Ajax, you will also understand how its don.

w32blaster said...

I think, the best uploader is SWFUploader.

matsko said...

@Alistair Holt

FancyUpload is a SWF-Based uploader :)

Abava said...

for JSP (and/or Coldfusion) you can use Upload taglib:

AGittens said...

I LOVE YOU MAN!!! I was looking for something like this years ago...

website design nyc said...

thanks u r information

Web Design Quote said...

Nice collection of scripts, I personally liked the FancyUpload. Keep adding more, if you have some, I'd love to try them too.

Good Work!

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