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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fresh resources for web developers you can't miss

This week I found some interesting fresh resources for web developers I want share with you. This list includes an awesome MooTools slider, a free on-line service for cross-browser compatibility testing, a jquery plug-in to implement a notification system (for example Facebook-like) and other interesting links. Take a look and add a comment to suggest other resources.

SlideItMoo 1.1
SlideItMoo is a great slider for MooTools that supports: continuous navigation, elements selection based on CSS selector, direction control (-1: enter from left; 1: enter from right), mouse wheel navigation, effect duration as parameter (when autoslide is enabled, the duration between slides is the sum of the effect duration and the slide duration )

Beautiful jQuery Slider
This tutorial explains how to develop a beautiful jQuery slider. The result is really awesome.

Adobe BrowserLab
Adobe BrowserLab is the perfect on-line solution for cross-browser compatibility testing. It supports, Internet Explorer 6-7, Firefox 2-3 on Windows XP and OS X. It's very useful and fast to rendering pages.

Password Strength
Password Strength is a jQuery plug-in that tries to calculate how many possibilities the hacker needs to try to guess your password.

Growl for jQuery
Growl (for the net & jQuery) is a simple notification system inspired by Growl for the Mac OS X. You can use it to implement a notification system Facebook like.

Mootools Link Tweaker Class
Link Tweaker is a tiny Mootools class to add distinct styles (of your choosing) to external links and/or various types of file download links.

If you want to suggest a new resource please leave a comment, thanks!

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